cocoa oats

Yesterday, I made, Green Monster – Round 2!  It was even more delicious than the day before.

GM #2

  1. 1 banana
  2. 1/3 avocado
  3. 1 kiwi [skin on]
  4. 1/2 pear
  5. 1 packet Amazing Grass – Goji/Acai flavor
  6. 3oz Wallaby Vanilla Bean yogurt [SO good]
  7. 1/4c. low-fat coconut milk
  8. handful of ice


I used a few different settings on the blender: Blend/Chop/Grind/Liquify =)

I received a few questions pertaining to the first GM I made…

Can you taste the avocado?

No, not at all.  It just adds a little creaminess and healthy fats!  In my avocado research, I have read things about them lowering your cholesterol, aiding in cancer defense, etc.  They have also been shown to help absorb more nutrients from the other foods you are eating them with.  If you don’t like avocados try hiding them in this type of drink!


How did I come up with this combo of fruits/veg?

I was just thinking about all of the green foods I could add.  I knew the avocado wouldn’t taste, but that it would be a healthy addition.  The pear and apple would add a sweet + sour flavor, along with a good dose of vitamins + fiber. The kiwi was added to help thin out the mix a bit, add some tang, fiber, and vitamin C!  I think it’s kind of hard to mess these drinks up =)


Chris and I both liked my 2nd version better, with the goji + acai grass mix, as opposed to the plain.  I think we are both going to be addicted to these in no time!

I forgot a photo of the GM #2, oops!  That was Saturday’s breakfast.

Last night was uneventful but relaxing.  My dinner was also uneventful.  It started with some leftover stuffed pepper filling, then pureed butternut squash with cinnamon + a little sucanat, and then a bowl of cereal [mixed with 3 diff. kinds]. Completely random!

This was dessert!  It is my favorite pumpkin beer so far and look how cute the name and label are!!! l.o.v.e. =)


Today’s breakfast, I decided to mix some cocoa powder into my oats!  1T only has 10 calories and adds an extra 1g. protein =)

I was out of bananas, it DEFinitely would have been even better with a nanner!!

The mix:  1/3c. oats – 2/3c. vanilla rice milk – 1T cocoa powder – honey squirt

It was probably a tad too much cocoa powder, but was still super tasty.  I topped it with some Barbara’s vanilla almond cereal [SO good], a little of the pumpkin oat bars, and a glob of pnut butter of course!


Not sure what is in store for today.  Woke up with a massive tension headache, so I’m getting a late start on being productive!! 

Have a great Sunday!!


p.s. it’s snowing again…


FoodCents said...

Where did you find that particular brand of Pumpkin beer? I have not seen it around and I would like to try it!!!

alice said...

i have a story for you. i was dying for a snack this afternoon at work and ran to the nearest convenience store. i fell for the buy one get one free marketing gimmick and bought 2 boxes of nature valley granola bars. on the elevator ride up, i glanced at the ingredient list, and much to my shock and dismay i saw that it contained high fructose corn syrup. i sat at my desk for a while pretty sad and finally decided i was too hungry and cheap to throw it away and buy a new snack. but in the meantime i also wrote an email to jared saying "i wonder if ashley would send me a box of ota.bars....?" hahaha.

let me know when you set up online ordering!!! =)

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