supermarket sweep monday

Did you guys used to watch, Supermarket Sweep or Shop ‘til You Drop, when you were younger?  I pretty much loved those shows, haha.

I feel like I did really well at the stores today!! I had a few things left from last week that didn’t get used [spaghetti squash + sauce] but I came home with a ton of stuff for juuust over $100.  Here are this weeks meals:

  1. Monday – Vegetable curry over coconut infused jasmine rice
  2. Tuesday – Crazy taco layered bake thing [I am making this up]
  3. Wednesday – Spaghetti squash bake
  4. Thursday – Red beans + rice with andouille sausage


Besides the dinner food, I got some random lunch foods, snacks, 4lbs of organic oats [good sale!], 4 cans of organic pumpkin, juice, a few spices, etc. 

Not everything was photographed…but close!


Those EnviroKidz Organic Crispy Rice bars are REALLY yummy.  Their ingredient list is impressive.  I’m sure it would be really easy to make these at home. They are somewhat similar, [but a little lighter], than the pnut butter crisp bars I made a few weeks ago. 

The best deal were organic avocados for $.99!


I also ventured to World Market today to see if I could find any deals on fun plates/napkins/cups to use when I photograph the food I make.  I went in with the idea to spend NO more than $20 for photography related things.  They had a lot of plates 50-75% off.  Napkins/placemats were 20% off plus I had an extra 10% off coupon for my whole purchase.  I got a few empty spice jars because I have been finding that bulk spices are cheaper than jarred, even with the cost of the jars.  They were $.89.  I found measuring spoons that I am in love with for $2.99.


2 napkins + 1 tea towel + measuring spoons + 4 plates + 3 spice jars for JUST under $20. SCORE!


I also bought this tea on sale, and the extra 10% off = $4.00.  It sounded amazing…I couldn’t pass it up.  I made it as soon as I got home.  It smelled awesome, and the flavor was good but a little weak =( I even let it steep for about 5min and then dunked about 20 times.  It had a nice subtle sweetness so I didn’t need to add any sugar or honey.  Next time though, a splash of cream + a sprinkle of cinnamon might help!  I could also use a little less water.


One thing I saw at World Market…but did NOT buy…I am not so sure about this. 


Time to get started on dinner!!

Have a great night!



MackAttack said...

What IS spotted dick? I've always wondered!

kel-C said...

I want your photo skillz!! OH WAIT I need a camera first..

Sarah Jam Eve said...

I think its a british sponge pudding, they have it at our grocery store too, I love that it is microwavable!

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