Time for a facelift

While I should probably start to use some kind of anti-aging face lotion, I am not talking about my actual face getting a lift.  I am talking about a NEW blog! Wahooo

A bunch of random photos for this post!! =)

Kenna + Dakota IMG_9305

I decided a few weeks ago, and after hearing some of your comments, that I want to start a new blog.  Since ota is on hold and I have been food-posting everyday, I think the blog needs to get jazzed up a bit, complete with a new name.  I have the name already…do you want to know what it is?? ;)

I miss Kelsey!!! =(IMG_0204

My issues are figuring out if I should use blogspot or wordpress.  I am finding frustrating issues with both.  Right now I use blogspot but I use Livewriter to write the actual blogs.  If you are not using livewriter, please try it out.  It will make your life SO much easier!!

[rachel – ginette – me – I miss these girls SO much!!!! my 26th bday this year, July 3rd]IMG_9493

Okay, so with blogspot, I really can’t find any free templates I like.  I have found a few, but then I want to definitely add tabs in the header such as: about me, ota.info, my pantry, etc.  It seems complicated messing with all of the code stuff.

[Some of my family came to visit us in Charlotte, on their way back to Ohio from Hilton Head, SC. They came on the 4th of July…I made a ton of food!] IMG_9545

With Wordpress, I have found a few templates that I really like.  In the preview they show like 5 tabs at the top, but when I download and apply it, there are only 2 tabs.  I don’t get this!!  I am finding Wordpress to be much more complicated to edit colors/fonts/etc. compared to blogspot and their “widgets” aren’t as good either.

[My parents are amazing…wish we lived closer!]IMG_9825

What do you guys recommend?  Does anyone have experience adding tabs??  Any help is greatly appreciated!! 

[i LOVE grilling peaches]IMG_9775

No food today, how lame!  I have to get a test done tomorrow AM and couldn’t eat all day…There is a good line-up for tomorrow! Potato soup + caramel apples!!  Can’t wait to eat again!!!

[my bro plays his tabla drums at a few yoga studios…i got to go to one of the classes while he drummed..it was AWESOME!]100_0134

Niiiight all =)



nicole kesten said...

most of my friends that use blogspot for a little more commercial use just use the tabs on the side and create buttons.. two people that went to wordpress came back so it is coming to consider.. good luck!!

nic kesten

nic said...

meant something to consider... sorry

FoodCents said...

The Wordpress tabs confused me a great deal at first, but then I figure out that to add a tab all you have to do is make a new "page". They don't so much make that clear, but that is all you need to do.

MackAttack said...

So, I've read from a lot of the healthy living folks that wordpress is the way to go. But you can't get ads (foodbuzz etc) on wordpress unless you are self hosting (not sure what that means other than you pay $$/month). As far as blogger goes, I have been really enjoying using it. Dan can actually add tabs to a blogger blog, so if you'd like some help he's available. I've had fun with blogger and haven't actually felt limited by it, whatever I want to do to change the blog I have been able to. Can't wait to see your new blog!

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