you call that a buffet??

Alarm: 6am… Why? To meet Laura + Travis at the grand opening of Sprouts Farmers Market grocery store in Boulder.  But why so early? They were offering a FREE buffet breakfast to the first 200 people. Sweet!  The only alarm we have right now is on Chris’s side of the bed, and his hand must have been lightening fast on the snooze b/c I didn’t hear it go off until 6:30am. Eeeek! Rush rush rush and out the door by 6:40.

It was a nice and chilly 35 degrees!  I met them in line and we anxiously waited…for our free yummy, hot, satisfying breakfast!  As we start to get closer we noticed people carrying around small styrofoam bowls.  Is the breakfast really in that TINY bowl??? Maybe at least it was hot oatmeal??

We finally reach the “buffet.”  Here was the lineup: 8oz containers of milk/choc milk/oj – 1T packs of almond butter – 2oz sample of Naked juice – 1T udi’s granola – 1/3c. yogurt.

This was before Laura even ate any of it. Lame.


You could hardly call that breakfast, let alone a BUFFET!  We were all really irritated.  They should have said “free morning snack.”  Yes it was free, but come on…it was enough to hold over a 5yr old for like 1hr. Laura said it was really odd because when places advertise free things in Boulder it’s always above and beyond what you would expect.  Not to mention they were using styrofoam bowls and 16oz styro cups for their 2oz. juice samples, at a natural foods grocery store. Shame on you!

Okay, sorry for the ranting…but it goes just a little further!

Since we were still super hungry we decided to go to Panera.  Normally, I feel like Panera’s portions are really big.  Their bagels and muffins are huge and they always give you a side of bread or fruit with your soup or sandwich.  So we all order breakfast sandwiches for about $3.59 + tax.  When it came out my first thought was, “where is the other 1/2 of my sandwich???”  Any normal person would have to order 2 of these to be full for breakfast.  I realize it wasn’t their normal lunch/dinner sandwich price, but those use a lot more ingredients and fancier bread. 

It also came out on the biggest plate ever!  It had to be about 12” long, which made it seem even smaller, haha.  The napkin was a bigger than the sandwich.

Friday Breakfast = ANNOYED


But we still had a really good time laughing at the situation!!! =)

I came home and took a 20min power nap.  [I mastered the power nap during grad school ;)] Then, I went on my normal 4+ mile hilly run.  The first 2 miles were rough.  My lungs and legs were not in sync and I just felt sluggish.  It could have been from the early wake up call and short nap.  Did a quick 2min stretch at the turn around point and headed back.  Even with the wind in my face the 2nd half of the run was much better.  I’m sure the downhill had something to do with it.

Mile #2 is always my worst mile.  It’s when I get the thoughts like “why am I running today” “go at least another .5 mile then walk” etc.  Even during the 1/2 marathon training that was always the worst mile.  As soon as I would get up past 3-4 it became a lot easier.  What is your hardest mile to get past?

Now I’m in a hurry to start packing for Cleveland and doing some other last minute things.  It’s Pat’s [my bro-in-law] birthday today, so we’ll be gone all tonight.  Lots to get done in the meantime!!

Check this out!!! Food Should Taste Good sent me some rockin’ samples! 6 full size bags of their chips and each was a different flavor.  Of course I tore into the chocolate bag first.  I have never had any of the flavors they sent, so I am super excited about this.


Lunch HAD to include the chocolate tortilla chips. What to make?

Pumpkin Parfait [can you tell I love pumpkin yet?]

  • 1 container Stonyfield Organic Vanilla Oikos
  • 1/2 cup organic pumpkin puree
  • dash cinnamon
  • dash cloves
  • drizzle of honey
  • 1/2 thin sliced organic banana
  • FSTG chocolate tortilla chips!

Lunchtime perfection!!


This was delicious and filling.  Dipping the chips in the mix was awesome.  Love the crunch ;)


You can see the honey on top of the banana…mmmm


Total calories: 350 - Total fat: 7g – Protein – 18g!! [thanks to the yogurt mostly] – Fiber: 7g

This definitely wasn’t a full lunch for me, but it was all I wanted at the time.  2hrs later [now] and I need something small to hold me over before dinner. yum yum yum – this was so good!

THANK YOU FSTG!!! I cannot wait to try all of them!!


I have a few other chip dip ideas I’ll be posting when I make them.

Have a great weekend guys!! I might not post again until Sunday with traveling to Cleveland and losing 2hrs with the time change…but I may get to it.  Either way, stay tuned!


p.s. Visit the FSTG website for a $1 off coupon!! You can find the chips at Whole Foods and some other stores too.


MackAttack said...

What a waste of an early morning! I feel you on Panera, but the new power sandwich is pretty good and more filling than the other breakfast options.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Sorry to hear the buffet was disappoining, but what did you think of the store? I'm headed there tomorrow to check out their selection and prices. I'm about a 5 minute bike ride away so it will be really convenient if it turns out to be great. I hope you're enjoying CO so far...and this crazy snow!!!

Christina said...

omg i am so mad at panera too. it used to be one of my favorite places to eat, but within the last year or two, their portions have been cut in half and their prices have risen! ugh! so disappointing. i rarely go there anymore bc of this. and i feel like they've gotten really sloppy too. everything used to come out all pretty and now it's like they just throw it on a plate! boo!

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