I would like all of you to know that...

ota.bars is OFFICIALLY in business!!!!

This is HUGE!!! I am so excited I can hardly contain myself!

Thank you all, for your good luck wishes. You really just have to talk to the right people when it comes to dealing with the county! The Charlotte Tailgate Farmer's Market will be a "go" for ota.bars on Saturday, May 30th. I will have samples of a few different bars & granola and will also be selling single bars and taking orders. Click on the link and you'll be able to find exactly where the market is. If you want an easy landmark, it is directly across from Phat Burrito off Camden Rd. The market hours are 9am-1pm. Come visit us and the other amazing local farmers/potters/bakers etc.

Next order of business is the website.

Stay tuned!!!

blog slacker

So I guess I've been quite the blog slacker lately. There has been a lot going on good & bad. After all the research I have done for the past month to get the business license...literally about 30 phone calls & lots of online checking...I thought everything was set. Well, the Mecklenburg county zoning department had a different idea. Apparently, you are not allowed to run a business out of someone else's residence. So basically there are much different rules between the state and the county. The state is the one who came to inspect the kitchen and it is completely fine with running your business from someone else's home but the county says NO. I won't go into the details on why the county says no..but it doesn't make much sense for the small business person. LAME!!!

We have a plan in the stay tuned! My hope is that I'll be at the Tailgate farmers market the last weekend in May. Fingers crossed please.

[New for ota]
peanut butter/banana - [This bar is special because I've actually named it - it's called the "pnat banana bar") after my bro-in-law & sis-in-law in Colorado. This is Natalie's favorite bar and I thought it worked to merge their names (pat & natalie --> pnat). This may be the only named bar...we'll see if I can come up with any others!]
kitchen sink granola - loose granola (not the bars) that seriously has everything but the kitchen sink...packed with nuts & fruit..mmmm
chef's choice - If you are not picky with the ota.ingredients I use this bar is for you! You will be surprised every time with anything off the menu or maybe even something new.
custom bar - for a little extra $ you will be able to specify the nuts/fruit you want in the bar...don't see something on the menu you like? do you just want nuts? just fruit? This option is for you!

Other than these few updates, Chris is starting a real website. We have secured a domain name and are getting it all figured out. When we actually have something on it, I'll post the link.

All for now. Stay tuned for some (hopefully) good news!!


Moving right along...


Excellent news!! Now onto the business license, which shouldn't be a problem at all. Almost there...More to come, soon!


Back from Colorado! Check this out

My two amazing friends, Laura & Travis (husband and wife), are two of the best photographers I know. I got lucky enough to have them shoot my wedding this past summer. The pictures surpassed our expectations by a mile! While I was in Colorado, working on the farmer's market design competition with Laura, she had the idea to take some photos of me to put on my up and coming website. I will admit, I felt a little goofy at first, but overall I had so much fun taking the pics with Laura. She had a lot of great ideas that will work really well for the tone of the product & website I'm trying to set.

If you want to see any of their other work (I encourage you to!!) visit their main website at:

I highly recommend them for any photography needs you may have, not just because they are my friends but because of their amazing talent! Here is just some of what they do - weddings/family/baby/theater/senior photos/etc.

Kitchen inspection is today. Fingers crossed people!!!


p.s. the newest additions to the flavor list getting quite a bit of attention - Cherry Pecan Graham & Peanut Butter Banana