Just wanted to make an end of the week post as I'm getting ready for another day at the Tailgate Market, this Saturday. I had a big week getting out 2 shipments of 72 and 48 bars! Very exciting! I don't have online ordering up yet, but you can always email me with your order/questions/etc. Since I am only 1 person, order turn-around-time can vary depending on how many orders I have, etc.

Email: info@otabars.com

I will be taking next weekend off from the market, so make sure you come out this week! It's my 1yr wedding annv. and I think I deserve a week off =)

The market went really well last week. My mom was in town, from Cleveland, so she helped a ton with the preparations. It was fun to have her at the market and show her what I've been up to with all this crazy granola stuff. I sold 122 bars, took a few orders, and talked to Common Market (local deli/wine/beer/market) about selling my bars there. They will debut at CM this Saturday!! I also started heat sealing the bags this past week, which really improved the look of the packages.

This week, at the market, I'll be featuring - cinna-fuse (#1 seller), pnutty crunch, triple berry almond, and the NEW cherry pecan - mmmmmm... I know I have quite a few "cherry" bars but they are all really different from each other so I am excited about this one...kind of along the lines of cherry/pecan pie.. Yumm.

I'm not sure if I'll get to it this week but sometime in the near future I am going to start trying to create a gluten-free bar. A few people at the market, with a gluten intolerance, asked if my bars are gluten-free. I don't use flour, but I do use wheat germ and organic rolled oats, which are not gluten-free friendly. We'll see what I can come up with! I'm thinking...drop the oats & germ...add more pumpkin seeds & sunflower seeds and add ground flax seeds.

I think that is all of the news I have. Hope to see some of you at the market this weekend!

I'll leave you with a few pics from last week =)


new packaging

that's a lot of ota!


Laura said...

the new packaging looks awesome! can't wait for my order to arrive. good work ash, you DO deserve a break!

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