Hello there ota.fans! Just a quick post as I'm preparing for the market this Saturday. If you didn't get out last week, this week should be even better! I will have a bigger stock of bars and a larger variety to choose from. There will also be music for kids at 10am and a chef demo at 11am (Mark Hibbs, owner and head chef at Ratcliffe on the Green).

I will be selling single bars for $1.50 or you can mix and match 6 bars for $8. I will be featuring the following varieties:

pnutty crunch
cherry pistachio

As always, these bars are soy-free & dairy-free. They are made with some of the highest quality ingredients you can find and are packed with nutrients.

New order prices are as follows:
(1 variety per batch)
8 batch for $12
12 batch for $16
24 batch for $30

E-mail me at info@otabars.com for information regarding large (100+ bars) orders, or for any other ota.bar related questions.

The bars are customizable for $5/batch. This means you can basically make your own variety!

If you want to be surprised and are the adventurous type, you can choose "chef's choice." I will prepare an all time favorite or maybe try something new.

In choosing my packaging, I tried to stay as simple and eco-friendly as possible. I want to create the least amount of waste I can. The bags I'm using are biodegradable, compostable, and made carbon zero. They start to biodegrade within 9 months and are made from wood cellulose fibers. They look just like plastic cellophane bags but don't be fooled!!

Stay tuned for more updates and a recap of how the market goes on Saturday!


the ever changing menu....


Natalie said...

Oh my, the menu looks delicious!! How much does the loose granola go for, might have to include this in my next order :)

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