market day

The first day at the Tailgate Market was awesome! I felt a little like I was back in architecture school preparing for a deadline. Chris (my husband) and I were up til 3:30am packaging and preparing everything. It was all worth it though. The weather was perfect and it was pretty busy all morning. I go there on a weekly basis to buy this and that, so it was fun to be on the other side of things and watch people come and go. There were a lot of happy people just looking for delicious local food. Chris was there with me and a bunch of our friends came to check it out. It was so great to have all of their support!!

I bought THEE most amazing strawberries there. They literally melted in your mouth. A gallon basket was $9 and worth every penny. I made a strawberry pie and strawberry muffins...mmmm

Anyway, back to ota.bars! I came prepared with 60 bars of a few different flavors which all got cleared out. The big hit was the apple/apricot/almond/walnut/cinnamon variety which has been named "cinna-fuse." This name stemmed from my great friends Laura & Travis. Their photography business is called "fuse photographic," which is where the "fuse" comes from. It is also Laura's favorite bar and she always talks about the distinct cinnamon flavor. So, cinna-fuse seemed to work well!

The other big hit was the new "cran-mango cash." This is a combo of craberries/mango/cashews. Kids really liked the "pnat banana" and the "pnutty crunch."

I got some great feedback and encouraging comments! Next week I will definitely come with more bars! My mom will be in town from Ohio helping me out this weekend. Super excited!

I took a few pictures..they're not the greatest but will do for now! =)

Stay tuned as always!


Ginette hung out for awhile

my little stand



Laura said...

ashley is adorable! otabars are scrumptious! yeah cinna-fuse!!!! keep these photos cause someday when otabars are huge it will be fun to look back on their humble beginnings.

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