ota ota everywhere

Now onto the ota.news! I sold another 124 bars this past weekend, which was super exciting! I am definitely starting to get weekly customers coming back for their favorites and people coming right up to my stand saying "I haven't eaten breakfast yet, I need a bar!!!"

This is pretty crazy/weird/exciting for me. It is a bit surreal as well. ota.bars are now proudly displayed and on sale at Common Market (South End location). I got some good feedback from people that saw them in the store before heading over to the market (they are right next to each other). The other Common Market location (Plaza Midwood) has shown interest in bringing the bars to their store as well. Yay!

I am taking a break from granola this weekend to celebrate my 1yr. wedding anniversary. Catch me next weekend back at the market!

Have a great weekend!!!

common market

bars on display!

display jars for the store


Berto said...

Those display jars are clutch - WAY better than hanging them from a rack... bonus points for presentation.

DESTROYED my ota.bars in like 3 days after my triathlon. They rule!

Me + post-race re-feeding + ota = gone

Amanda Noel said...

Congrats all around Ash!!! That display looks great!!

Kelsey Locke said...

LOVE. the display.

So crisp + clean + fun!!

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