The past week has been...busy! Chris has been hard at work at getting a real website set up for me. I'm hoping it's ready in a few weeks. From there you'll be able to order & buy the bars. He is setting up paypal and added a shopping cart to the site so you can create an account and click on "my cart" to checkout. It's pretty exciting!!

The health inspection will be taking place next week. I'm pretty sure that everything will be fine. The woman told me everything I need to do to get ready for it. I had to get a list together of all my ingredients...make sure the lights in the fixtures are "satefy glass" bulbs (in case they break it won't get in the food)...and a few other things like that. When that is done I can get the license and will hopefully be at the Tailgate Farmers Market Saturday, May 16th!

[non-ota news] I will be away from the blog for awhile. I am leaving for Colorado to work on a design competition for a farmer's market (go figure) in Denver. I am doing this with one of my best friends, Laura. I'm really excited about it and will try and post some of our work on the blog when we finish. I will also be visiting my bro-in-law & sis-in-law while I'm there and Melissa & Matt and their new baby Jake!!! She is literally giving birth RIGHT now!

Also, I just wanted to share a few photos that I took from what I bought at the farmer's market this weekend. I am becoming addicted to playing with food photography. It is really fun!

I'll be back soon. Stay tuned!!

duck eggs

rainbow chard + duck eggs


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There's going to be a duck egg

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