ota. [the beginning]

In my quest to find the most scrumptious and natural granola bar possible, I wasted too much money and time searching in the grocery store, while the answer was right in my kitchen (for the most part). Then, I spent more time, but not wasted time, scouring the internet for granola bar recipes. At first you might think, "how hard could it be to make granola bars?" Well, harder than you would think. Not too sticky, not too crunchy, not too big, not too small, not too dry, not cookie-like, etc. After many...many batches in the garbage can...I think..I hope, that I have gotten to "it." I am still tweaking but would say the bars are about 90-95% to what I want. In this quest for the perfect granola bar, my lovely friends, family and husband have been so kind in letting me use them as my "quality control." I hope it has not been too rough for you all!

With many gracious comments, lots of satisfied stomachs, and one of my favorite people in the world [LLR] I have been pushed to start selling my granola bars.

There will be much more to come soon! Like...
[general information : order forms : ingredient information : nutrition information : food talk : etc]

Until then...I will leave you with one of my first (and very amateur) photos of the "ota." bars and a question -

What are your favorite granola bar combinations?

All for now...night!


Berto said...

Subscribed! Good luck, can't wait to talk about this!

Laura said...

Yeah girl!!! You are going to be a great success. Can't wait to see where this goes. I LOVE OTABARS!!!!! Oh, I think my fave might be the one pictured (apricot, apple, etc) but I have yet to try them all, so I have an open mind. =)

Nadine said...

Can't wait to try them! They look delic!

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