Almond wins!

Congratulations Almond, you are the winning nut! I thought I would give them a little photo shoot, in spirit of the big win. This time, I tried using natural light coming through the windows in our apartment, instead of taking the pictures outside. It resulted in a softer look which I am liking much more. All for now...hopefully will have a lot of progress this coming week!

Stay tuned...

nutritious and delicious...almond, we love you

[triple berry almond bars]


Jared said...

Ashley, great job on the photos. Isn't soft light from the windows the best. One thing I would try is to fill the shadows in your shot. Try using a light bounce behind it. This will bounce the light back onto your subject. So the placement would be window-granola-light bounce. The bounce can be a white cardboard or Styrofoam. Otherwise, in Lightroom, you can use fill light or move the exposure bar to the right a little to brighten the your photos. Keep at it!

Kel-C said...

If I don't work tomorrow night we for sure have to play with lighting + Chris' camera-- totally exciting Friday night line up I know!!!!

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