Back from Colorado! Check this out

My two amazing friends, Laura & Travis (husband and wife), are two of the best photographers I know. I got lucky enough to have them shoot my wedding this past summer. The pictures surpassed our expectations by a mile! While I was in Colorado, working on the farmer's market design competition with Laura, she had the idea to take some photos of me to put on my up and coming website. I will admit, I felt a little goofy at first, but overall I had so much fun taking the pics with Laura. She had a lot of great ideas that will work really well for the tone of the product & website I'm trying to set.

If you want to see any of their other work (I encourage you to!!) visit their main website at:

I highly recommend them for any photography needs you may have, not just because they are my friends but because of their amazing talent! Here is just some of what they do - weddings/family/baby/theater/senior photos/etc.

Kitchen inspection is today. Fingers crossed people!!!


p.s. the newest additions to the flavor list getting quite a bit of attention - Cherry Pecan Graham & Peanut Butter Banana


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