A few new ota.bar things...

I am in the process of obtaining my registered company name. You may have noticed it changed from "ota" to "ota.bars." There were 2 reasons for this. 1st, OTA is more common than you think in company names...who knew?? (Like, "Organic Trade Association") So I didn't want to have any issues with that. Reason #2 was that I end up saying "ota bars" when I am talking about them anyway, so it just started to make sense.

You also may have noticed, if you are super observant, that the oat looks much more crisp and deatiled now. I grabbed one of the oats from a photo I took the other day, to replace the low quality one I used from google images.

First on the agenda - Cost & Quantity

  • 1 ota.bar = $1.50 [these will be found locally at the farmers market and hopefully a few stores around NoDa]
  • 8 ota.bars = $10 [1 variety of 8 bars]
  • 12 ota.bars = $15 [1 variety of 12 bars]
  • 24 ota.bars = $28 [1 variety of 24 bars]

*prices may be subject to change, depending on availability and cost increase of ingredients..but hopefully not!*

Second order of business - Shipping

  • 8-16 ota.bars = $5 [usps flat rate shipping]
  • 24-96 ota.bars = $10 [usps flat rate shipping]
  • 97+ = still looking into

Thirdly - Packaging

  • ota.bars will be packaged in biodegradable & compostable (yeah yeah I know...insert hippie joke now) cellophane bags. They are made from wood cellulose fibers that come from sustainably managed forests. I will be purchasing a "heat sealer" to securely close the bags, at some point soon. I need to get things up and running with my license & everything first! There will be 3 different sized bags, depending on batch size.
  • The bars will be stacked in layers and separated with parchment paper so they do not stick together.
  • Labels will be affixed with an ingredient list among other things.
  • I wanted to keep the packaging to a minimum, to avoid unnecessary waste.
  • For shipping, bags will be packaged in USPS flat rate (recycled corrugated cardboard) boxes

4th on the list - Making ota.bars last longer

  • ota.bars will stay chewy and delicious, if kept in tightly sealed packaging, for at least 10 days (probably up to 14 days). I have not eaten them after 10 days because they never seem to last that long. Nothing will go bad in them if left longer, they just might not taste quite as fresh.
  • ota.bars can be refrigerated, then thawed, and enjoyed just like new! If you do not thaw them, and decide to chomp away, please do not send me your dentist bill.
  • I also have 2 bars in the freezer right now that I am going to take out and thaw soon, and hope to have the same results.

That is all of my news for now. I have been in contact with the person that is going to inspect Eric's kitchen and I am hoping to get an appt. for that ASAP. Once it passes (if it doesn't, I might cry), I can finish doing all the other things to get this random adventure of mine up and running!



p.s. leave comments as always!! =)


Chris said...

What method of payment(s) will you be accepting?

Natalie said...

Are there any plans to have the packages of 8, 12 and 24 bars be a variety pack instead of just one type? Cause that would be pretty sweet! Also, how do you figure out the nutrition info that goes on the label (just curious)? Getting exciting :)

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