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While I’m researching how to hopefully start ota.bars – version 2 – Colorado style – I am going to keep the blog going with whatever I want. [Booyah]

Chris and I are living with Pat + Natalie [Chris’s bro + wife].  We have made it 1.5 weeks and they have not kicked us out yet.  They may however, kick out Kenna. ;)  I have mentioned before these 2 are who I named the pnat banana after.  So, I am now cooking for 4, and loving it!  I have not killed anyone yet!

Last night I made Thai-style stir fry + coconut rice…whoops, no photos.

Lunch was on a whim today but turned out!!!IMG_1056

I saw a picture on a food magazine, while checking out at Whole Foods, for spinach/bacon/sweet potato salad.  I didn’t look at the recipe but the photo just stuck in my head.  I pan seared sweet potatoes w/olive oil, and s+p. Turned on low heat and added some Applegate Farms ham [no bacon on hand] and some spinach, for a few minutes.

While doing this, for some reason I thought…sunny-side up egg on top! I have seen this on menus before but never tried on anything except toast.  Holy cow, was it a winner!!!! Uh-mazing.


I guess maybe I was thinking these could be omelet ingredients…so why not put an egg on top?? Also added some parm/asiago cheese. Too bad I was the only one around to eat this one!

Dinner – corn pudding in acorn squash

I saw this on the 101 cookbooks website and knew it would awesome.  Everyone loved it!!  The flavors worked really well together.  The only thing I changed was that I cut the green onion amount in 1/2.  There was definitely still enough flavor.  Also, be careful when cutting the bottoms of the squash to get them to sit nice and flat in the pan.  I cut 2 of them a little too high up and they did not hold the liquid very well.  If this happens, tightly wrap the squash in a foil-made bowl, as tight as possible, and then add the liquid.




A terrible photo of the final product. There was no natural light by the time this was done…101 cookbooks has an amazing “final result” photo!! _MG_4693

Cheesy garlic bread not pictured: French baguette –> slice lengthwise –> lightly coat with olive oil –> rub with garlic clove that has been sliced in half –> top with a little parm cheese and s+p –> broil for only a few quick minutes

This meal ended up really filling me up and it was perfect for a cold day here in Colorado. [it has already snowed here…sick]

Leftover cheesecake for dessert!! I taught Natalie how to make it last night.  She has thee prettiest ceramic pie plate ever!IMG_1055

Also went up to visit my Uncle/Aunt/cousin this past Sunday with Chris.  They own some amazing property up in the mountains.  It was so peaceful up there.  Here are a few photos!



Jonah! Their 8 month old, huge, puppy!IMG_1041

Kenna [beans] – Dakota [doder] – Maggie [maggers]_MG_4687




Kath said...

Love seeing your meals Ashley!

Natalie said...

I am absolutely loving having a house full of family and doggies, never a dull moment! The food has been absolutely amazing, how lucky am I!?

Jared said...

I did the same thing last night, sunny side up eggs on top of Japanese curry. Not sure why I did it but it tasted great! Glad you are loving CO.

FoodCents said...

Welcome to CO, hope you are lovin' it half as much as I do:)

I hope you can do OTA-Colorado, heard wonderful things about the bars.

If you are looking for grocery deals, please stop by my blog, I do a roundup of deals at alot of the stores you will find around the area.


MackAttack said...

Thats great that you are getting to cook for everyone! I love the squash as the bowl, it's so pretty! Isn't it fun to explore a new home?

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