the full trip

day 1 breakfast - yogurt+zucchini bread+banana+pnut butter+kiwi…bad decision putting the kiwi in..IMG_0823

slow + steady rain for the first few hoursIMG_0824

the start of the weird hovering head….IMG_0825

BAD!!!                              GOOD!!!

IMG_0830 IMG_0832

pisqua national forest was gorgeous – top west of NC going into TNIMG_0835

strange little rest stop…the bathrooms were in that building…IMG_0839

lunch!! if i’m not eating ota.bars i’m eating clif kid bars or larabarIMG_0842


these are perfection…no trader joe’s in CO…but lots of other good stores i’m sureIMG_0846

i’m not the biggest fan of larabars…but they are filling…peanut butter cookie is definitely not my favoriteIMG_0850

eating to stay awake!IMG_0857

about to get on 70W which takes us to CO!!!IMG_0861

st.louis archIMG_0862

bad photo w/flash…i forgot i had mom’s zucchini bread!!! got me through the last hour of the trip..made it to kansas city, miss. by 11:30pm


day 2 – well rested pupIMG_0866

feeling like 9hrs is going to FLY compared to the 16+ the day beforeIMG_0877

probably the best picture i got in kansas…straight + flat the entire wayIMG_0883


wooohooo a curve!! and lots of bugs on the windshield..I saw no tumbleweeds in KS and was really upset about that…IMG_0915

approaching an amazing wind turbine farmIMG_0897

these things are monstrous!!! i saw some of the blades being transported on trucks…HUGE! IMG_0901

snack time…these pita chips are the best ever…definitely a favorite of chris’s


this was next to a gas station…it smelled really badIMG_0912


nom nom nomIMG_0921


trader joe’s supplied most of my road foodIMG_0931

crunch timeIMG_0933

finally in Colorado..still took FORever to actually see the mountains!!! eastern CO is just like Kansas…boring!





awesome sky  IMG_0941

can’t wait to visit laura in boulder and melissa in CO springs! IMG_0948

driving up to our new temporary house, thanks to pat + natalie!! the house is awesome and has a great backyard that the dogs loooveIMG_0950

dog x3!IMG_0960

trying to figure each other out IMG_0965

what a doofus!IMG_0979

love to see the mountains while driving around! IMG_0980

Overall the drive went really well.  It was easier than I expected but still insanely long to do alone.  Chris definitely had it worse driving the 22’ truck.  We are settling in and trying to find our way around.  I love having no humidity, but I’m sure I will miss Charlotte winters…except when I’m snowboarding!

No new…Still trying to get everything unpacked and hope to start researching things next week! Will keep everyone posted and hope to have some more ingredient posts in the near future.




Kath said...

Fun trip eats!

Tash said...

awesome post - was exhausted just reading about it!! Congrats on completing such a long journey alone (well semi-alone). I have to say our dog (Jack the boxer) does the same "weird hovering head" thing on long road trips. Glad to hear she is not the only one that does it!!!

MackAttack said...

Welcome to CO! The lack of TJs is definitely sad, but check out Sunflower Farmers Market, it's a fun place. It was fun seeing sights from the drive we did just recently.

ota.bars said...

Tash! We have a boxer too =) She was in the truck w/my husband though, and she is awesome on road trips. She slept the entire way, w/no head hovering ;)

MackAttack - I will definitely check out that market!

Manda said...

So glad you made it here safely! I agree with MackAttack that Sunflower Farmer's Markets are going to be the closest you'll come to TJ's out here!

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