packing + the last batches of ota.bars in charlotte

A quick post as I'm packing away!!

I made my last 4 batches of ota.bars here in Charlotte. Most of them were handed out to my friends, who were some of my best customers.

I have a few exciting posts on the way, but it's hard to take a few hours to post when the empty boxes are staring me down.

posts to stay tuned for:

sucanat cupcake extravaganza + wheat germ pancakes + girls night with 9 of my favorites

Yesterday someone asked when we're moving...and it was the first time I could say "we're moving next week!!" Wow, does time fly...I think saying that made everything really sink in. We are super excited but a wee bit stressed =)

proof of the packing...about 1/2 are still empty, hehe

pnat banana ota.bars [peanut butter banana] The name was inspired by the names of my bro-in-law [Pat] and sis-in-law [Natalie] We are going to be living with them for awhile until we find our own place [or when they're sick of us, hehe].

cherry almond + cran mango cash

close-up on the cherry pistachio

Keep an eye out for more posts!! =)



Nana Phyllis said...

Where do I purchase these ota bars I'm reading about on Kath's blog?

Natalie said...

Just keep the pnat bananas flowin' and we shouldn't have any problems :) Looks like you're making progress with the packing!

ota.bars said...

Sorry Phyllis, the bars are not available right now. I am on hiatus as my husband and I are getting ready for a big move from Charlotte, NC to Denver, CO. I am hoping to get the business up and running again once we are out there. Stay tuned to the blog!

kel-C said...

no new post-- nothing to vote on!!!!!

way to make your boxes beautiful!!

kel-C said...

just kidding. I found the voting section.

oooooXXXXXXoo x 100,000,000

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