ota.bars are moving!?!

Yes, it is true. We are moving to coloraaaado!!!!

[chris took these early spring '09 in CO]

more of the hub's awesome photos ----> HERE!!!

I have this girl to thank for insisting that I turn ota.bars into a real deal business
[i l.o.v.e. her] Fuse Photographic [amazzzing husband + wife photography team]

we always have THEE best times together aaaand she lives in CO so now I get more laura+ashley time [yes yes yes]

We will be living with my awwwwesome bro-in-law + sis-in-law...they are waaaay too kind!

the adventures of Pat+Chris....we will never run out of ridiculous things to do with these 2! [i spy shamu]

My sister-in-law, natalie, is absolutely amazing! She is so fun/loving/hilarious/smart!!/adventurous/etc/etc. She is excited to have a personal cook [me me me] coming to live at their house ;) aaand I can't wait to start cooking and adventuring with her!

Pat is awesome too!!! Look at his sweet stacking skillz!

the bro + me

I am going to miss wakeboarding!!!!! A huuuuge thanks to Will + Deb for inviting us on their boat alllll theee time!! Time to get my snowboarding on!

I want to thank EVERYONE for all of their support on my granola bar journey. I am hoping to transition it to Colorado, but have been so jam-packed busy that I haven't even started to research how to do this! Keep your eyes on the blog and hopefully I can keep you informed of what is going on with the biz.

I had a GREAT last day at the Charlotte Tailgate Market. I absolutely L.O.V.E.D. coming to this market and meeting all the vendors and customers. Lynn, the market queen/organizer/magician/etc./etc. was a pleasure to work with and she has done such an amazing job with this local market. Keeeep it UP!!!!

In other quick news...I have been blogged about a few times! Exciting!!! If you want to check it out look....

---> here [the most energetic + full of life girl I have ever met in my entire life]

---> and here[a super cute food blog with some fabulous photos]

Stay tuned!!!

[a nervous/excited/happppy/energized] Ashley


Natalie said...

Yay, this is all so exciting, having you guys out here will be saweeet! Can't wait to have a house full of family, dogs and good food :)

MackAttack said...

Ohh! You're gonna LOVE CO! We moved to Denver from D.C. last fall, it's amazing! Will you be selling your bars out here? I can't wait to try them!

ota.bars said...

I'm hoping to be able to sell the bars in CO! I have to figure out what all the rule are for re-opening the business out West!! Hopefully it's doable..Will keep you posted!!

Natalie - can't wait either!

Laura said...

Yeah girl! Go west young woman and experience the rocky mountain high!! SO EXCITING...smashy + ota right down the street!! i l.o.v.e. YOU!!

Kath said...

Just went to Tailgate and looked for you :( Didn't know it was over!

Amy said...

Is that the Royal Arch at Chautauqua Park in Boulder?

Crystal said...

Where in CO are you moving? I live in Ft. Collins and will look for ya at the farmers markets!

Manda said...

We're in Denver. Where are you moving to? Would LOVE to get together!

Ashley said...

Crystal - We will be living in Westminster for a short while with my bro-in-law and sis-in-law. After we get jobs hopefully we'll move to Denver. I have family in Ft.Collins..love it there! Not sure when I'll be able to start selling in CO but will keep everyone posted!

Manda - Keep tuned to the blog and you'll know when I'm finally in CO [leaving on sept. 10th] Hope we can meet up at some point after that!

Crystal said...

I used to work in the sales tax office for Ft. Collins - I will check back on a while and if you need any info. I will be glad to help. I don't know everything but I do know the basics of getting state/city sales tax/business licenses for CO.

Ashley said...

Crystal!! Can you email me your contact info please..I would love to talk about "the basics" with you. I haven't found much online. Please send to info@otabars.com THANK YOU x100!

Amy said...

Hi Ashley. I've been living in Boulder for a little over a year since moving from the East Coast for law school. I am never moving back. Westminster is a great location--midway between both Boulder and Denver!! You shouldn't have too much of a problem starting to sell your ota.bars in the state as it is one of the top entreprenurial (sp?) states in the US. It seems that everyone has their own businesses here...and smaller, more local businesses thrive. Like I mentioned, I am in law school and don't know too much about the business laws out here just yet, but I do know many attorneys who just might be able to give you some advice. I can ask around.

ota.bars said...

Amy!! Thanks for your comment...I will be in touch with you for sure!! =)

Crystal!! Yes, please check back in a few weeks!! I'll take any info I can get!! Thank youu!!

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