I love to document the process of things.

I spent a LOT of my time during thesis d.o.c.u.m.e.n.t.i.n.g. If you didn't know, my thesis was on food + architecture.
[but I won't get into all of that now =)]

So I felt I should share some of my documenting for ota.bars. There were not ideal lighting conditions, but you get the idea.

enjoy + leave comments + ask questions

Come out to the market this weekend 9am-1pm - email - info@otabars.com for market details

[organic rolled oats]

[ota.ingredients...can you tell which variety I'm making???]

[pnutty crunch!!! I use fresh ground, no added ingredient, pnut butter - mmmm]

[toasted oats + other secretive stuff - but not too secretive b/c it's all listed on the ingredient label]

[pnutty crunch]

[triple berry almond]

Did I make you hungry for some ota???

Time for bed!!!


p.s. I linked my favorite blog sites to the right. Check them out!!! Lots of awesome food pics + recipes + funny life stories + wedding photography.


kel-C said...

I'm excited to watch the ota magic tonight!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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-Junghwa Chung

Anonymous said...

When I'm back in the states, some OTA love will be well on my way.
I surely hope.

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