how to keep your friends around

Apparently, all you need to do to keep friends around, is bring fruit + creamy fruit dip to their parties. Usually these dips involve way too much added sugar and MARSHMALLOW FLUFF [yak!] So, while still not being a "healthy" dip to chow down on, I made it a little more "know. your. food." friendly.

Sorry about the yellow-ish photos. Kelsey's [] walls are painted like the rainbow [but in a pretty way, hehe], making it hard to take photos without natural light!

fruit + dip [behind]

Be creative with your dippers - It was Kelsey's b-day, so I got her favorite cookies from Trader Joes [ginger snap]


8oz. cream cheese

8oz. marscapone cheese [they have it at Trader Joes for about $2.50..if you can't find it, ricotta miiight work?]
appx. 1-2T SUCANAT
appx. 1T honey
appx. 2t vanilla
appx. 1/4c. vanilla yogurt [plain would work]
appx. 1/4 - 1/3c. milk [any %]
zest of 1 lemon
juice of 1 lemon

[yields appx. 3c. - didn't measure it]

dipper suggestions - cantaloupe/peaches/nectarines/apples [slice and roll in lemon juice and they won't turn brown at all]/watermelon/bananas/kiwi/pineapple/ginger snap cookies/angel food cake/etc!!

Let cheeses sit on counter for 10-20min. to slightly soften. Beat with mixer until combined. Add sucanat [or other sugar], honey, vanilla, yogurt, lemon zest, and lemon juice. Beat again. Slowly add the milk, until desired consistency is reached.

This recipe is extremely easy and fun! If you don't want to use any added sugar, I'm sure it would be fine leaving it out. You could try different flavor variations: replace lemon zest and juice and add 1t almond extract and 1/2c. chopped almonds. Just keep tasting as you go. It's a fun recipe to play with, and a super simple way to start using your sucanat!


I made it the next night for the going away party Jason threw for Chris + me!! [awesome food + awesome people..thanks Jaaaason!!!!] I spy fruit + dip on the table....and a RIDICULOUSLY sweeet house! mad.jealous.

exterior shot of Jason's neighborhood [l.o.v.e. it]

Patrick [a friend and coworker] decided to get me a going away present.... best..present..ever..!!! THANKS Patrick!! He tried to find the cheapest granola bars with the longest ingredient list imaginable. Nice work!! He thought that with the list of preservatives, they would definitely make it to Colorado, with no problem at all.

I love that soy lecithin [or what I like to call "soy sludge"] made the list TWICE...awesome!

Patrick also brought this ice cream. He thought it would probably be the last time I would get these Southern flavors. The ingredient lists made up for the granola bars. Each carton only had FOUR ingredients. Su-weet!

Off to my last few days of work [done this friday]!!! Moving countdown : 15 DAYS!! aaaahhh



Berto said...

Hahaha Patrick's gift rules -- as if corn syrup wasn't enough, they had to go and add "Corn syrup solids" too hahahaha!

ota.bars said...

I love your comment berto!! Corn syrup solids are 1 of my fav. ingredients ever!!! I love on the front they say "made with REAL chocolate chips"...well thanks for not putting plastic chips in them?? haha

kelsey Miles said...

H YEAH you made!!

MackAttack said...

That dip sounds soooo tasty!! I'm still excited for you to start selling your OTA bars here in Denver! Woohoo!

Patrick said...

I like the real chocolate chips assurance, you never know these days.

alice said...

i have to admit, i couldn't focus on reading the rest of your post after i saw that picture of jason's kitchen. who is jason and can i live in that kitchen!? =)

ota.bars said...

Alice - Jason is a friend of mine from where I used to work. He lives in new eco-friendly condos here in Charlotte. They are SO should have seen the dishwasher, haha..loved the kitchen!!

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