I know, I know...where have I been??? The past few weeks have been a little crazy! I won't bore you with what we've been doing, but I will tell you I have decided on the ota.bar slogan! Took me long enough, right? Thanks to everyone who voted!! It pretty much ended up being a tie and I have been going back and forth and around again on which one to choose. [This may also have been 1 reason for my blog-slackerness lately]

I actually decided to throw both ideas out and come up with a completely new slogan. Crazy? Well, here are my reasons...

real.simple.food. - I really like the flow of this one and it says a lot in a small statement. However, everyone was telling me "this sounds so familiar." I then realized there is a magazine and product line [at Target] called "Real Simple." While it's not exactly the same thing, I felt I should probably divert from this one.

eat.real.food. - This was my favorite of the two. However, a few people pointed out it was somewhat bossy. I was okay with this at first because I thought maybe it would make people question what "real" food is. Then I started to think about who I'm marketing to and thought the slogan needed a slightly softer feel to it.

So, here goes...With some help from my good friend Joe...the new slogan is:


I'm hoping that it will make people question what they are eating more, but in a less-bossy way.

If you have any negative comments on my new slogan, you can take it up with corporate ;)

In other news.....I have a new variety...again! I am really excited about this one!!

Apple Cherry Walnut - It is sweet but a little tart and full of flavor as always...who wants to give it a try!?

In other news.....I am mailing a package of bars to HAWAII!!!!! [thanks to my good friend Tom and his big mouth, hehe] Hopefully there will be more news with this in the coming weeks. Stay tuned...

Enjoy your week and weekend and come visit me at the market this Saturday 9am-1pm!



Kath said...

Hi Ashley! I do go to the regional farmer's market - when I'm actually here on the weekends! Where is your booth?


Ashley said...

Hey Kath! I actually haven't even been to the regional market! Crazy, I know. The one I sell at is the Tailgate Market. It's in South End on Tuesdays [4pm-7pm] and Saturdays, the day I sell [9am-1pm]. http://charlottetailgatemarket.com

Emily said...

Hi there ~ found you via The Chic Life :)
I just wanted to say that I think your slogan choice is great! Says it all. Apple cherry walnut sounds really tasty too...
Good luck with your move!

Kristen said...

I love the slogan choice! If I know the food hasn't logged a bunch of fossil fuel miles, I'm much more likely to get it!

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